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Rehabilitation of finger flexor tendons in zone 1 and 2 is source of debate in clinical practice.   Over the last 5-10 years the rehabilitation regimes used to facilitate the patients’ recovery following laceration of finger flexor tendons has changed.  However there is a lack of robust research to support the use of one regime over another. 

The NIHR (National Institute of Health Research) has commissioned a call to research the surgical and rehabilitation of finger flexor tendon lacerations. 

In light of this the clinical team at the Pulvertaft Hand Centre are in the process of putting together an application to this call.   We have carried out a series of focus groups to gain information that will help shape our application, and below is a summary of the information gained from these groups.

Patient and Public Involvement – Round 1

2 separate PPI groups were held at the Royal Derby Hospital and King Mill Hospital at the end of 2019.  All patients that were within 3 months of completing their rehabilitation (either at the RDH or KMH) following flexor tendon repairs were invited to attend the focus group.  A total of 9 patients attended the focus.

Of the 9 patients 8 were male and 1 female.  Their ages ranged from 26 to 76.

The focus group comprised a series of open ended semi-structured questions and all participants were given the opportunity to respond to each question.   The focus groups were recorded using a Dictaphone.  On completion of the focus groups the data was analysed using thematic approach within a qualitative content analysis to establish patterns of meaning and issues of potential interest, which have the potential to provide a richness of data (Bryman, 2012).

8 key themes were recognised and summarised below.

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