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There are a number of Anaesthetic Consultants and Staff Grade doctors that provide anaesthesia, working with all of the Consultant Hand Surgeons. At other times we all anaesthetise for other specialties within the hospital, which may require general anaesthesia or other methods of block technique. We are all enthusiastic about providing regional block anaesthesia for hand and arm operations and feel that this gives patients the best overall experience for their operation. We have extensive experience of teaching these highly skilled anaesthetic techniques – locally, nationally and internationally. We also take part in research which is used to improve your experience and care.

Other team members you are likely to meet are the anaesthetic trainees and Operating Department Assistants. The anaesthetic trainees are junior doctors specialising in anaesthesia that have an interest in regional blocks, and who are developing their skills in this field. A Consultant Anaesthetist will be supervising these doctors during your operation. The Operating Department Assistant (ODA) is part of the theatre team who primarily assist the anaesthetists, helping to care for you during your operation.


  • Dr Bobby Ho
  • Dr Moemen
  • Dr Paul Marval
  • Dr Zahid Sheikh
  • Dr Martin Treaves
  • Dr Tim Wood
  • Dr Michelle Dawson
  • Dr Sarah Rushman
  • Dr Chris Millard
  • Dr Krishnan Subramanian
  • Dr Botros
  • Dr Nicky Coverdale
  • Dr Sheibani
  • Dr Puneesh Tandon
  • Dr Caroline Bates
  • Dr Nagendra Prasad
  • Dr┬áVan der Walt
  • Dr Imogen Sisley
  • Dr Alison Brewer
  • Dr Jonathan Burch
  • Dr Paul Marval
  • Dr Naveneet Narula

Staff Grades

  • Dr Sanjay Saxena

Please see the Patient Information Section for details of anaesthesia for hand surgery.