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Daycase Ward Ream

The Hand Surgery Ward is a Day Case, Monday to Friday ward, adjacent to the hand theatres. We have a 6-bay ward area and 2 side rooms with en suite walk in showers (for day case, local anaesthetic cases). We carry out major, minor and local anaesthetic surgeries, including all hand trauma.

The ward opens at 7 am each morning and on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays closes at 8 pm in order to cover evening trauma lists. We also run a trauma list on Friday afternoons.

The number of daily admissions can vary quite widely, depending on the complexity of the cases being admitted. There would always be a minimum of 8 patients each day – up to a maximum of 24 patients each day.

The Hand Surgery Day Case unit (ward and theatres) is managed by Jo Ludlow (Matron).

Pre-operative assessment Lead Practitioner is Amanda Leatherbarrow.

Most patients are brought up to a pre-clerking clinic one or two weeks prior to surgery – so that any pre-operative tests or measures that are required are all organised prior to the day of surgery. Where appropriate, some patients undergo a pre-operative assessment on the same day that they are placed on the waiting list for surgery, in order to try to streamline the arrangements for them.