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Hand Therapy Non Attendance Policy

Patients are referred with a variety of conditions mainly from the Hand Unit but also Orthopaedics, Rheumatology, A&E and GPs.

Non Attendance Protocol:

New Patients

Patients are sent an appointment by post. If they do not attend this appointment then they are discharged and a letter is sent to the referrer notifying them.

Follow-up appointments

If the patient has attended for an initial assessment and then DNA’s for a follow-up they are discharged unless there is felt to be a significant medical reason that they should be offered a further appointment,


If a patient rings to rearrange an appointment, this should be recorded as a patient cancellation. If it is a short notice cancellation that is within 24 hours of the appointment the cancellation may be treated as a DNA.

Patients who cancel their first appointment should be given an alternative date at the time of cancellation. If a patient cancels twice, with the approval of the appropriate clinician they will be removed from the registered referral list and the GP / referrer informed.

Late Arrivals

If patients turn up more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, although every effort will be made to accommodate the patient, the hand therapist may ask the patient to re book so that the clinic runs to time.