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What is Hand Therapy?

What is Hand Therapy?

Hand therapy is a specialised service, which requires Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapist to undergo extra training to gain advanced knowledge and skills. We are proud to have leading Hand Therapists who are highly skilled and experienced to assess, treat and rehabilitate patients following traumatic hand and upper limb injuries, during post-operative recovery or for patients with acquired conditions.

Hand Therapy has a crucial role in guiding you through your recovery of any hand or upper limb injury, surgery or condition.

Our Philosophy

Our Approach

Our Hand Therapy Team is passionate about making a real difference to others health and quality of life through delivering quality care – patients really are at the heart of our care and your needs and goals are always put first.

We promise to bring you the highest commitment to quality, care and clinical excellence. As Hand Therapists we know that early, effective assessment and intervention can prevent complications and return you back to your everyday activities of leisure, work and social life as quickly as possible.

The ultimate aim of our Hand Therapy service is to restore upper limb function for our patients, and enable them to have the utmost use of his hand or upper limb and to return to a productive life or to live as normal a life as possible.

We ensure you get back to health as quickly as possible by:

  • Priding ourselves in being well versed in broad range of specialist Hand Therapy assessments, treatments and modalities to restore optimal level of function and return patients to their activities of daily living.
  • Perform advanced therapeutic assessment to provide a diagnosis
  • Excelled in delivering and adapting effective individualised treatment programs
  • Recommending a wide range of therapeutic media tailored to your needs and wants with goals and clinical outcome measures
  • Modern, comfortable treatment rooms
  • Latest technology in treatments and diagnostics including BTE  work simulator (Baltimore Therapeutic Equipment) and the MULE (Microprocessor Upper Limb Equipment)
  • Experienced, fully qualified and professional Hand Therapists
  • An upper limb ‘biomechanical’ approach
  • Confidentiality and an honest, trustworthy and professional approach
  • Friendly, helpful reception staff and comfortable, modern waiting areas
  • Use a multi-disciplinary approach and close liaison and referral to consultants and other professional services as needed

Our Values

We pride ourselves in having passion for delivering high quality services to improve patient care, and we work with integrity, compassion and humility. We take the time and effort to listen and involve you in the decision making process to ensure our patients can contribute and feel valued in their care. Our Hand therapists understand that every patient is an individual, and will treat you as such.

We also know it can be a frightening and daunting time and work very close with you to get your confidence and independence back after your hand injury or surgery. That’s why we try to create a homely atmosphere with friendly, professional and trustworthy staff.

How Can We Help You?

From all walks of life, young or old, from an office worker with carpal tunnel syndrome to a sportsman with an injured finger, we can help. We can use physiotherapy and occupational therapy and a range of other disciplines to treat upper limb and hand pain. In addition, our Hand Therapists can work to support people psychologically adjusting to life after major operations, working on life adjustments like driving, return to work and prosthesis such as after amputations.

To find out more, please contact us.