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outpatient clinic timetable

Consultant Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Mr Bainbridge   PM – Follow Up Clinic AM – New Patients Clinic 1st and 3rd Wed
every 2nd Wed Children’s Clinic
last Wed of every month Balderton Clinic
  AM – Ilkeston Clinic (1st Friday of the month)
Mr Russell    

AM – Pre Clerks & Follow Up Clinic
PM – Uttoxeter Clinic (once a month)

PM – New Patient Clinic  
Mr Lindau  

AM – Pre Clerks
PM- Ilkeston Clinic (Alternate weeks)

  AM – Follow Ups
PM – New Patients And Casualty Clinic
Mr Heras-Palou AM – Follow Ups
PM – New Patients and Follow Up Clinic

AM – Follow Ups & New Patients
PM – St Oswalds Ashbourne Clinic (twice monthly)

Mr Cresswell   AM – New Patients and Follow up Clinic
PM – New Patients and Follow up Clinic (Alternate weeks)
PM – New/ Follow Up Clinic (Alternate weeks)    
Miss O’Brien AM – New/Follow Up Clinic
PM – Loughborough Clinic
      AM – One Stop Dupuytren’s Clinic, New Patients
Miss Horton     PM – Follow Up & Pre Clerks Clinic   AM – New Patient /Follow Up Clinic or Wrist Clinic (Alternate weeks)
Miss Arrowsmith     AM – New Patients & Pre Clerks
PM – Clinic (Alternate weeks)
  AM – Follow Up Clinic Plus Casualty Clinic
Mr Armstrong     PM – New & Follow Up Clinic PM – New Patient Clinic (Alternate weeks) and Procedure Room Cases