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FAQ's - Having a surgery

What would happen when I arrive?

You will be seen by a nurse and by a surgeon.  If required you may be seen by one of our anaesthetists.   You will then be asked to wait in the waiting room.

What should I bring with me on the day of the operation?

Please bring all of the medications you are taking.  You can also bring your dressing gown and slippers.  We recommend that you also bring something to read.
You may bring an ipad to listen in the theatre (but please check with your surgeon first). There is a WIFI access available but it is chargeable. Please  look at posters in the waiting room for details.

Patients who are required to stay overnight on the ward also need to bring toiletries.

How long will I have to wait for the operation?

It varies depending on what type of surgery has been planned for the day prior to your surgery and if any trauma patient’s arrive that may take priority. Please be prepared as the wait may be longer than anticipated so please bring some books with you. There is also a TV in our waiting room.

Day Case, In-Patient – what does it mean?

A day case patient means that you will go home on a day of your operation. Please remember to arrange some transport home, either a relative or a friend can drive you home.   After hand surgery you will not be able to drive yourself.

An In-patient needs to stay at least for one night in the hospital.

What is a difference between Local, General or Regional anaesthetic?

Local anaesthetic is an injection in the specific area which will be operated.   If you have regional anaesthetic your entire arm will be numb. This type of anaesthetic can take a few hours to wear off after the operation but you will be allowed here usually 1-2 hrs after the operation.

General anaesthetic is when you are asleep during the whole of the operation.   This type of anaesthetic is very rare in hand surgery.

Who will do my operation?

Your surgery will be done by a hand surgeon or by the hand fellow.

Who will I see after my operation?

After you leave theatre you will be seen by the nurse, who will provide you with information about how to care for your operated hand.  You will be provided with a drink and something to eat (biscuit or sandwiches are provided).  After that you will be discharged back home (if you are a day case patient).  Depending on your surgery you may have another appointment booked to see a consultant, or a nurse in the hand clinic or a hand therapist, or both.   Some types of surgery allow you to be discharged directly back to your GP. You will be informed of your follow –up requirements on being discharged.

To ease your recovery, please familiarise yourself with the  below important information after your surgery:

What if you experience worries or concerns following your surgery?

Before you go home you will be given contact detail if you have got any problems after you go home. During office hours you can contact our nurses. If you have any concerns during out of office hours we recommend going to your nearest A&E.